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「The Nam Family」家系図の優生学的な利用

Arthur H. Estabrook and Charles B. Davenport『The Nam Family: A Study in Cacogenics』(1912年刊行,Eugenics Record Office[Memoir No. 2]Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island, iv+85+ 4 charts → Internet Archive


>> Thus the Jukes were characterized by a large proportion of criminals, the Ishmaelites of Indiana by paupers, the "Zero" family of Jörger (1908) by vagrants, the family described by Poellmann by prostitutes and procurers, the Nams, as we shall see, by alcoholism and lack of ambition. The rural communities of "degenerates" usually have this in common: an unusual lack of industry, retardation in school work, and a failure to observfe the conventionalities in sex-relationships. There is reason for concluding that the first and second traits are hereditary and are, in a measure, the raison d'etre of the foundation of such communities. The last may be, in large measure, due to the remoteness of the community from social influences. (p. 1) <<

サブタイトルにある「cacogenics(劣生学)= bad born」ということばは,「eugenics(優生学)= well born」の対語として,E. E. Southard によりこの年(1912年)に造語された.その意味は「家系の“退化”に関する遺伝学的研究」と定義されている.この対語については下記を参照のこと:E. E. Southard (1914), Eugenics vs. cacogenics: An ethical question of importance to the movement—attention should be centered on factors of absolute value, not on those of merely relative value. Journal of Heredity, 5(9): 408-414 → Internet Archive

本報告書の巻末に載っている,ナム家(およびその姻戚家系)全体の円形家系図のひとつ(Chart A)を『系統樹曼荼羅』で引用した(p. 211, 図8).

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